A rad storytelling adventure

for young people

Dicey Quest is an adventure game just for young people ages 5+. The rules are super simple, flexible, and fun. You'll pull from 90 unique cards to craft quests made of 8 cards. No game is ever the same twice. Dicey Quest is the perfect first role-playing game for kids — or their grown-ups.

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I've never played a role playing game, let alone run one. Can I figure this out?

Absolutely. Dicey Quest has a super simple structure. The game doesn't even require knowing all the rules before you start playing!

How much prep work do I need to do before playing?

None! In fact, the more you prep for a quest, the more linear it will be. To tell a story where anything can happen, it's best to leave things open-ended.

What if a player wants to do impossibly hard things?

Let them try! Just make sure you set good check numbers for what they attempt. If characters never fail, the game will get boring fast. For example a non-flying character can try to jump over a huge monster. But if they have to beat a Strength Check of 9 (your set it), it's more likely they'll jump INTO the monster. Oops!

The rules don’t cover that much. How often do characters need to rest? Who strikes first in a battle?  

The rules are minimal by design. Make up rules as you go — just be fair and consistent!

A sampling of cards (tap to flip)

A sampling of cards
(tap to flip)

Love for Dicey Quest

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